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I had a long list of items that was in need of  being repaired or replaced. I called, the Representatlve gave me all the information needed, I emailed my list, the repairman-estimator came prepared and fix all 7 items and replaced the 8th. From plumbing to a light fixture. He was very professional.

Diane Wilson, Richmond, Virginia




My husband and I went to the Hardware Store ( not stating the name), but we purchased a storm door, the box said easy assembly-installation. That was a misperception, we had to call the pros. BlueKnows came out and the door was installed and work perfectly. We found our handyman company.

​ John and Katy Keller, Chesterfield, Virginia

Normally I would fix most of my home repairs, But this particular item "dip in floor", I had to call a professional. BlueKnows field representative went under the house, assested the situation, showed me pictures, and we came up with a agreement. 2 men came out, did a few things inside of house, and then went under, I watched my floor re-level. Amazing!!!!!!!                   Clayton Taylor, Richmond, Virginia 




Im a contractor and property owner, Blueknows maintain multiple properties, which consist of carpentry,plumbing, electrical and plaster repair-painting. Quality work, guys laugh alot but very professional.
James Davis, Henrico, Virginia
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